The In Stitches Way

What a way to kick off the summer! This year's prom season… If you follow our social media pages then you know that was an amazing and busy time. During prom season, our work was featured side by side with the work of several other dressmakers and designers on social media, family photos, and even one Prom 2k19 blog feature. Now that that has calmed down, I've been working on techniques to improve the client experience, public engagement, and developing sewing educational materials. Hopefully you can tell and are enjoying the content. I also hope you’ll continue rooting for us and reaching out with your ideas as we create a larger public presence.

It's common for clients to send pictures and ask if myself or the team made a certain garment. Sometimes that's a flattering inquiry and other times I can quickly see the garment in question is not on par with our brand of sewing. For example, you can spot an authentic Louis Vuitton bag by certain exacting quality standards. An authentic bag 

1-won't allow it's logo to be mismatched or misaligned at the seams

2-will feature matching stitch count of equal length and tension on its handles

3- The untreated calf hide handles have red finish at their edges.

4- The”LV” is etched into the brass zipper pull. But I digress.

My point is to let you know that at In Stitches, we also have a standard that we live up to. It's called, The In Stitches Way. It dictates that we guarantee the following:

1- A 1.5 or 2 inch hem in all custom garments. Deeper hems add stability and control to the garment. The hem depth impacts the way a garment hangs.

2-1 inch side seams in custom garments. Our garments are made to last a long time. If your body changes in that time, there's enough fabric for your favorite In Stitches garment to grow with you.

3-Impeccably straight stitching lines externally and internally. Straight internal seams will hang smoothly without puckers. External stitching will add design enhancing details without drawing the eye to wonky stitching.

4- No gaping armholes or necklines. We employ proper fitting techniques so you won't have to worry about coverage in sensitive areas. We take our time in construction so we don't accidentally stretch these sensitive areas out of shape.

5- We line all of our garments with quality, weight appropriate fabrics. Even light weight garments can be lined and maintain their summer weather appeal. Lined garments drape the body better by creating a barrier between the body and the outer, fashion fabric so the fashion fabric will skim the body and not cling to it. Lined garments last longer.

6-All design motifs and interesting seams align. If the patterns and seams don't line up, it wasn't made here. During production, if it is sewn incorrectly we'll redo it and often times re cut the entire piece of the garment so your finished product looks new and not over manipulated. 

7-Custom garments are pressed clean and ready to wear upon pick up.

I solemnly promise to uphold these standards so you can wear your garments with confidence and strut your stuff. No tugging and pulling needed. -Fashionably yours, Ms. In Stitches