5 Tips For Online Bridesmaids Shopping Success

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Bridal season is here. Not just approaching it's here and we're in the thick of it. Chances are you've already secured your bridal party wardrobe. Hopefully all is well with that. If you have not already secured these items, I'd like to help you, myself and my team, avoid a common frustration when dressing a group of people. 

I'm tempted to say, "DON'T ORDER BM DRESSES ONLINE, FROM OVERSEAS." BUT, I won't say that because the consumer side of me understands the desire to have all your closest friends involved and the need to make it financially feasible for all involved. I get it. Weddings are expensive so who among us can avoid the seductive trappings of $39-$60 dollar dresses? I can. Too many times, I've had entire bridal parties show up in distress about their garments that either don't look or fit like the website photo. In effort to save all involved from apocalyptic level stress, here are a few tips to succeed at shopping from online bridal retailers.

1-Check the reviews.

Read the reviews at nauseum. Skip a few reviews and read more. Try to find reviews on other sites about the company that interests you. Look at photos and verbiage similar to yours to decrease the chances of you being influenced by fake reviewers.

2-Take your actual measurements and order according to the sizing chart.

I'm sure you're keenly aware of your size because it hasn't changed in years but, a size 4 with one company may not be the same for another. Be willing to consider they're sizing chart because it reflects the body proportions for which their garments are intended.

3- Give account to cultural differences. According to European industry standards, ready to wear garments are made for women who are 5'2" tall with B cup breasts. Typically, the dresses found on these low cost sites area made in Asian and Eastern factories that do not adhere to the same standards. The garments tend to run smaller than the vanity sizing that we experience in the United States. This means they allow less wearing ease. Wearing ease is the measurement of extra space between the garment and a skin tight fit that's built into the garment for comfort. If your body type is"non standard" ( large breast, large hips, broad shoulders etc.) I recommend ordering 2 sizes larger. It's better to accommodate your larger areas and use the money you saved at purchase, to pay to alter other areas than to have a non refundable dress that doesn't fit.

4- Everyone should order dresses at the same time.

This will improve the chances of everyone getting the same color dresses from the same dye lot. I recently had a wedding where several ladies had different shades of the same color dress.

5-Order dresses as far in advance as possible.

This is most important because if there is an issue and company allows returns, you may be able to send a dress back and get a replacement in time. If you require alterations your beloved tailor will appreciate not working under duress. One party we recently served, even ordered an extra dress. It was a blessing because we needed to cut that dress apart for matching fabric to enlarge other dresses in the party. 

Whew! I think that about covers it. If you have any questions or would like assistance with decipering online sizing charts, please contact me at (707-654-iSew (4739) or www.msinstitches.com/contact. 

Fashionably yours-Ms. In Stitches

After substantial hem, bust alteration, shortening waist and making the shoulders even.

After substantial hem, bust alteration, shortening waist and making the shoulders even.

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