In Memory of Aunty Ime'

In memory of aunty ime'

If you have read previous posts, our about page, or if you’ve had any experience with In Stitches Tailoring and Alterations, then you know we are a family business. I take great pride in offering this family feeling to our clients. I try to sew client’s garment with a grateful heart and I try to stitch love into every seam so that when clients wear our garments, clients feel hugged and loved. Often clients tell us that they feel like part of the family. This makes for a great work environment because I am fortunate to be able to look forward to each appointment just like a mini family gathering. Without this workplace joy I may accidentally and begrudgingly sew a third sleeve into the center front of a garment. The best part of this relationship is that as a family, we celebrate our clients and they celebrate us. We keep in touch with each others’ journeys.

In this post, I would like to honor the journey and memory of our dear In Stitches family client who recently transitioned from this life. Aiga Fuamatu, known affectionately as Aunty Ime’, was referred by her nieces who had already been clients for several years. When Aunty Ime’ came for her first appointment, she greeted me with an unexpected bear hug and a homemade smoothie. She immediately filled the space with her fiery aura. Aunty Ime’ had specific tastes but was not a fussy client. She would always say. “I trust you. Just make it, Honey!” At least 3 mornings a week, even when on vacation, Aunty Ime’ would send me a personalized inspirational text or she would call with a prayer. She opened all texts with, “Aloha Hunny” and closed with “Mahalo”. Aunty Ime invited my daughters to Luaus and family functions. Most importantly, Aunty Ime’ freely shared her testimony of faith and always let you know she wished peace and prosperity in your life. Aunty Ime prayed over my business and soon thereafter I was moving into the new shop I had been hoping for. Fully anticipating a positive outcome from her scheduled surgery, our plan was to have lunch and celebrate her being tumor-free at her next garment pick-up, but unfortunately, that would not occur because she experienced medical complications and passed away.

This week, in remembrance of Aunty Ime, we will donate 10% of our profits to the National Brain Tumor Society. If you would like to look good while supporting important brain research, please book an appointment with us from July 10-17th.

To Aunty’s family, please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers as you come to terms with Aunty Ime’s passing. We wish you peace and comfort.


Ms. In Stitches and the In Stitches Family